Morbihan, Kerhillio and the megalithic alignments of Kerzerho

Whether you are passionate about old stones, myths and legends, water sports, lazing on the beach, long walks in the woods, wild landscapes, or all of the above, this corner of Morbihan will offer you all the diversity you are looking for.

The beach and water activities on the large beach of Kerhillio (1 km walk)

This very large beach with fine sand extends the Quiberon peninsula. It is a supervised beach, ideal for families, and also includes areas reserved for water sports, such as kite surfing, surfing, windsurfing, or sand yachting. These areas are accessible all year round. The large bay is also very popular for longe-cĂ´tes walking.

And to enjoy the sea while taking care of our beautiful planet, here are some tips that are always good to follow.

The megalithic alignments of Kerzerho (2 km away)

Without going as far as Carnac, you will find in Erdeven alignments of hundreds of monoliths over nearly 2 kilometres. From Erdeven, the megaliths path leads you through woods to the village of Crucuno, which houses an imposing dolmen. Don’t let this stop you from visiting the magnificent site of Carnac, less than 10 km from LAVAGABONDE.

And as we are very sensitive to responsible tourism, we invite you to read this information and recommendations.

Saint-Laurent golf course (7km away)

The Saint Laurent golf course is a Bluegreen golf course. It offers an 18-hole course, a 9-hole course and a very large driving range, equipped with Top Tracer technology. During the holidays, courses are provided for all levels. And of course, if we recommend this golf course, it is also because Bluegreen is committed to sustainable development through intelligent management of watering, the use of organic fertilizers and respect for biodiversity.

Etel and the Ria d’Etel (7 km away)

Until 1851, Étel and Erdeven were part of the same district. They kept the same postal code. Etel was home to fishermen, while Erdeven was the land of farmers.

The list of places to visit and see on the Ria d’Étel is almost endless. Do you like maritime epics? Then go to the “MusĂ©e des Thoniers” in Étel, where you can learn all about the famous “barre d’Étel”, which has been the site of so many shipwrecks, some of which have unfortunately remained famous. Are you looking for peace and quiet? There is nothing more relaxing and exotic than kayaking in the calm arms of the ria, starting from Sainte-HĂ©lène. Are you a walking enthusiast? The most beautiful walks in the area are certainly those along the ria. A visit to Saint-Cado, the mysterious island in the Ria d’Etel, is also a must.

Horse riding in Erdeven Equitation (4 km away)

Graziella and Laurent Aubin, both qualified riders, welcome you to KĂ©rangre all year round. Erdeven Equitation is suitable for beginners, leisure riders as well as for experienced riders who are keen on competition. At Erdeven Equitation you will appreciate the outdoor and indoor riding arenas, as well as the possibility to ride in the countryside or on the beach. We speak from experience. Our son did all his training with Graziella and Laurent and has some of his fondest childhood memories there.

A little tip: it is always better to book in advance.

The historic port of Saint-Goustan in Auray (16 km away)

Are you tempted by a trip back to the Middle Ages? Go down the rue du château from the centre of Auray, and head towards the historic port of Saint-Goustan. To cross the Loch, you will use a 13th century stone bridge with four arches. If you turn around you will see where the fortified castle used to stand overlooking the river.

Oyster tasting at StĂ©phan’s on the Anse du PĂ´ (7 km away)

When we arrived in Brittany, for so long we thought we didn’t like oysters. Then we discovered the Anse du PĂ´ and its oyster farmers. We chose Maison StĂ©phan and we have never regretted it. Sit on the terrace with a few oysters and a glass of white wine looking out over the Po and you’ll start a meditation session without even realising it.

The Wild Coast of Quiberon (17km away)

The fascinating thing about the wild coast is that it offers you a different landscape every day and is magical in any weather. Our advice is to start at the village of Portivy and follow the path along the wild coast. It’s about ten kilometres to the Château Turpault in Quiberon, but you can turn back at any time (don’t worry, we’ve never done the 20 kilometre round trip!).

However, for bicycle lovers, no excuses! You will notice that even on the edge of the cliffs, the road is not flat…

If you come to Portivy, the food lovers will not fail to reserve at the Petit Hotel du Grand Large.

Map of Erdeven and its surroundings click here

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