Our environmental charter

Welcome to LAVAGABONDE! We are very happy to welcome you among us, in this place where we give a very particular place and a careful attention to the respect of the nature and the environment.

This house is an old farm which was composed, in the same building, of a small house, a large stable and spacious hayloft.

As you can imagine, it was necessary to completely renovate this place, and from the beginning of the renovation the concern to respect the environment accompanied us, by privileging natural and durable materials such as terra cotta, untreated wood, water-based paints, insulation with cellulose wadding, low-flow taps and mixers, the installation of a cistern to collect water from the well and rainwater for the toilets and outdoor watering, the installation of a heat pump, a wood stove and an insert chimney. We have also favored short circuits with local providers and “made in Brittany” as often as possible. For example, all of the people involved in the renovation were located in the commune or within a maximum of 50 km. The kitchens were made in Brittany and of course installed by a local kitchen designer. Our terracotta tiles are made by Maison Josse, a Breton company and fine representative of the exceptional artisanal French manufacture.

When it came to preparing the house to welcome our guests, we were also careful to give priority to ecological labels. This is for example the case for all our bedding and household linens (Linvosges manufacturing for the sheets certified GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard – and the Epure Bio range for the household linens). LAVAGABONDE has chosen Davilaine for its bedding, a specialized company established in Brittany for more than 60 years.

Whether you are here as a guest at lapetitevagabonde or a participant in a personal development and wellness seminar, we need your help to make this place and this planet more generally a healthier place. We do this for you, your well-being, your health and we are grateful to you for helping us continue this effort for the good of all.

We are personally very vigilant in respecting all the following recommendations and we encourage you to do the same, during your stay of course at LAVAGABONDE, but also when you return home, if this is not already part of your daily life.

Water is precious, save it.

We have installed a bathtub in some bathrooms, but we prefer to use the showers.

We do not run the water continuously when we brush our teeth.

We pay close attention to the smallest leak. Please let us know if you notice even a small leak.

The toilets are equipped with 2 push buttons. We use the smaller one whenever possible.

The earth needs us. Let’s give her back what she offers us, but no more.

We use a composter for all our vegetable waste. It is also at your disposal for use without moderation.

We sort the wastes

Glass has its own bin, cardboard, plastic bottles, cans, and other cardboard packaging go directly into the yellow bags.

We favor recyclable and/or reusable packaging.

We are proud to remind you that Brittany was the first region in France to ban plastic bags. We always carry a shopping bag with us. We recommend that you do the same.

For larger items, we use a nearby recycling and waste disposal facility.

And when we do all of this, we are amazed to notice that the waste garbage is getting smaller and smaller.

We use only green cleaning products or products made by us from natural products.

We hate pesticides. You won’t find any in the gardens, the flower beds, the meadow, and when we do weed it’s by hand.

When we subcontract certain tasks, such as laundry or maintenance of green spaces, we work with an ESAT (Etablissement et Service d’Aide par le Travail) which has the same requirements of eco-quality, and in addition we are proud to help people’s reintegration through work.

We need fire but in moderation.

We turn off the lights when leaving a room.

We use the driest wood possible to increase the efficiency of the wood-burning inserts and stoves and to limit particles.

We use LED or low consumption lamps.

We recycle batteries and light bulbs. Leave them with us if you have some.

We air the rooms every day and turn down the heat beforehand during the cooler periods.

In 2022, LAVAGABONDE was awarded the Green Key label.

Green Key distinguishes, at the international level, establishments engaged in a sustainable tourism approach.

We wish you a very good and healthy stay at LAVAGABONDE!

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