La Vagabonde, small group seminars and wellness classes in Brittany

LAVAGABONDE has been thought to organize seminars or other training courses in small groups; seminars where motto are wellness and caring. In case of seminars, LAVAGABONDE is entirely privatized for you and your guests.

Your guests will reside in the guest house lapetitevagabonde, as well as in another house in the hamlet. The large farmhouse with its living room, its meditation room as well as the garden, the landscaped meadow and the yoga gazebo are at your entire disposal to make your workshop a success. We provide all meals, based on local and organic products and we adapt to your diets.


If you are organizing your own workshops in personal development, yoga, mindfulness meditation, tai chi, singing, writing or any other discipline of this kind, feel free to contact us and we will make sure that LAVAGABONDE is the place you are looking for.

Linking up

We can also put you in touch with our network of local professionals if you want to enrich your seminar/class program with additional practices.

Do you want some suggestions: Do you know about voice yoga? Do you need a yoga teacher? Do you want to introduce yourself and your guests to floral decoration? What if each day will start with an hour of guided meditation? Do you know the longe-côte? Please note that teachers of above have their own obligations and are not always available. It is best if you contact us as soon as possible, even with a tentative schedule and program, so that we can discuss the possibilities and block out some options for you.

Seminars and classes on wellness and personal development

LAVAGABONDE is privatized in case of seminar or training course.

The guests are accommodated in the guest house lapetitevagabonde as well as in another house in the hamlet.

The organizer of the training course has a room and a private bathroom in the main house.

Meditation and yoga room

A 35 m2 room is available on the 2nd floor of the main building and can easily accommodate activities such as meditation, yoga, or serve as a work space.

Outside, the enclosed garden, the landscaped meadow with its different spaces, as well as a 16 m2 yoga gazebo offer multiple possibilities for outdoor activities, when the weather permits (which happens very often!)

Even better, walk 500 meters towards the sea and take advantage of the moor to practice yoga, meditation, or tai-chi. With the ocean right next to you, it’s magical. And in order not to disturb the local fauna and flora, we will show you the paths to take.

A living space of 70m2

At your disposal, a large living room of 70 m2 on the ground floor of the main building.

The living room of the gite (20m2) can also accommodate small groups, very practical for break-out sessions.


Meals are taken in the large living room, or outside weather permits. The meals are all home-made, from organic and local products. The menus are mainly vegetarian, even if we sometimes make exceptions. In any case, we can accommodate your dietary preferences and restrictions. Just let us know in advance.

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