Until 1851, Étel and Erdeven were part of the same commune. They kept the same zip code. Etel was home to fishermen, while Erdeven was more land-oriented.

The list of places to see and visit on the Ria d’Étel is almost endless. Do you love maritime epics? Then head for the Musée des thoniers in Étel, where you’ll learn all about the famous Étel bar, which has been the site of so many shipwrecks, some of which have remained sadly famous. Looking for peace and quiet? There’s nothing more relaxing than kayaking in the calm arms of the ria, starting from Sainte-Hélène. Are you a keen walker? You’ll find some of the most beautiful walks in the area along the ria. You should also pay a visit to Saint-Cado, the mysterious island in the Ria d’Etel.

The cottage la grande voyageuse is located in the heart of Etel, in a quiet street with direct access to the ria. Our favorite view is of the ria from the gardens of Château de La Garenne, a 10-minute walk from the gîte.